Bad Credit Loans

Discover the Kieswetter Difference

At Kieswetter Mazda we understand that sometimes problems can happen to your credit: job loss, layoffs, sickness/illness, and bills that have gotten out of control. That have put you into a certain situation with a bankruptcy, a credit proposal or just being late on your bills. We look at your credit differently than most places will.

To most places you are just an application that has been completed and submitted online. You are stuck waiting to hear what will your interest rate be, what kind of car you will end up with, or even if you’ll be approved. And even if you get an approval, it will be at an extremely high rate and on an older, high mileage car that might not make it through your financing term. This scenario is one many people across Ontario sadly face, and one that puts them back at square one with a car that’s not worth what they owe, and that requires repairs that aren’t worth the money.

Here at Kieswetter Mazda our approach is to work closely with you to build a realistic credit report. Plus, our team of credit experts will help guide you into something that is reasonable for your budget – not tell you what you have to take. From low interest rates to customized financing solutions, we will work with you to find the perfect financing plan for your needs and budget.

We’ve been in the car business for over 40 years and work with all major banks, credit unions and private lenders to give you the most choice possible. We promise that we will do our best to develop a custom tailored program to perfectly fit your needs and budget. With our selection of over 250 new and used cars we are sure we have a vehicle for you.

No Credit or Bad Credit

If you are in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, Kieswetter Mazda will work with the variety of financial institutions that partner with us to find the very best interest rate and financing plan.
Once you have chosen your next vehicle, meet with a financial services representative who will take the time to understand your needs in order to prepare the perfect financial solution for you.

New Car Program

Kieswetter Mazda’s new car subprime program can offer you financing and leasing options you can’t get from most manufactures. To help get you an affordable payment that fits your budget and drive that new car.

First Time Buyers Program

If you are a first time buyer with no credit we have a program for you!

Landed Immigrants/Foreign Workers/International Student

If you are a Landed immigrant, foreign worker or an international student we have a special program for you!

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